The Latch Software Subscription

A full-building management platform designed for managers, residents, and guests.

Activate your building

The Latch Software Subscription is priced at $90/year per unit in your property and can be added to your cart when you purchase your hardware products. By enabling the Latch Software Subscription you will take full advantage of Latch’s building platform.

Provide Flexible Digital Access

With iOS and Android Apps, along with Apple Watch and Widget support, personal doorcodes, guest sharing, and more, Latch makes saying goodbye to keys easy.

Enable Remote Management

Our remote-first approach simplifies and automates guest and delivery management.

Optimize Operations

Streamline tenant access management by seamlessly integrating with your existing tools, saving valuable time.

Low-maintenance Solution

Latch devices operate without the need for a persistent connection, eliminating the need for costly maintenance infrastructure.

Enhance Living Experiences

Elevate resident satisfaction by providing unparalleled amenities and services.

Increase NOI

Unlock opportunities to monetize your spaces and amenities, generating additional revenue streams.


The Latch Software subscription is billed annually at $90/year/unit.

Latch App

Experience the ultimate convenience and control with the Latch App.

Seamlessly unlock your doors using your mobile device, effortlessly share access with friends, family, and service providers. Stay in the know with real-time activity updates and never miss an intercom call. For residents of enabled properties, the Latch App goes even further, allowing you to book spaces and easily communicate with our dedicated support team. On iOS, enjoy the added benefits of our Apple Watch App, widgets, and the convenience of unlocking with Siri for public doors. Android users can take advantage of background unlocking with Android NFC. Access to the Latch App is exclusively available with a Latch software subscription, unlocking a world of possibilities at your fingertips.

Mission Control

Take control of your buildings like never before with Mission Control.

Our powerful dashboard consolidates all your properties and units into a single, user-friendly interface. Effortlessly invite residents, guests, staff, and service providers from anywhere, ensuring optimal time management. Stay on top of occupancy percentages, monitor device health, and track unlock history effortlessly with Mission Control's comprehensive reports, insights, and activity logs, available for your review at any moment. If you have bookable spaces and amenities, our native booking platform empowers property owners and managers to offer residents the freedom to book anytime, enhancing their experience. Access to this platform is exclusively available with a Latch software subscription, revolutionizing the way you manage your properties.

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